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How To Install A Radiator Under A Window

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    In this video, we are demonstrating how to fit a radiator under a window.

    Jimmy explains the benefits of installing a radiator under a window by telling us about how windows no matter how good they are are prone to letting in a slight cold draft.

    This can be countered by installing a radiator directly underneath a window as the hot air rising from the radiator stops the cold breeze in its tracks.

    The idea of this video is to highlight the various shapes and sizes of radiators that Trade Radiators have for sale in their versatile range.

    Heres a breakdown of the highlights from this video of Jimmy installing a radiator under a window.

    1:00 Jimmy demonstrates that he has the small space of around 47cm to fit his radiator into place, stating that even though space is limited, Trade Radiators has a range of radiators with a vertical height of just 30cm.

    1:32 Giving us a reference of where to find these radiators online in the convector radiator section of the Trade Radiators website Jimmy begins unboxing and preparing the radiator for installation.

    2:10 One of the first things to do on a simple installation so to provide protection for the surrounding areas.

    Simply laying out a cover on the ground will stop any potential scrapes and marks.

    2:20 Jimmy discusses that even though the radiator is small, it runs at a highperformance level.

    The double panel convector which is present can gain high BTU levels.

    3:10 Always make sure that you keep your screws, brackets and plugs separate after unboxing, this is to limit any chances of smaller parts going missing.

    3:28 After unboxing all his parts, Jimmy informs us about the two different types of depth we can use when allying brackets to the wall narrow depth and deeper depth.

    Before talking about when the deeper depth is more appropriate for use, Jimmy explains that we will be using the small depth brackets.

    4:00 Jimmy explains that normally people would markup from the bottom, so you can get an idea of how much space will be present at the bottom, although when working in a tighter space, its more appropriate to markup from the top.

    4:31 Tips and advice is given from Jimmy here on how to find the most efficient markup point for the radiator while using brackets.

    4:54 When beginning to screw this radiator into the wall, Jimmy explains that because the heater is so small and narrow, he decides that only one hole per bracket is required.

    5:38 Its always important that you apply the little grommets onto the brackets, this will stop the radiator from clicking when it gets hotter or colder.

    5:55 A montage shows Jimmy installing the radiator to the brackets.

    6:26 After explaining the process of applying the valves and piping up the radiator, Jimmy shows us the final product.

    In this video youve seen Jimmy installing one of the convector radiators that we have for sale on our site.

    With convector radiators starting at just 20, you can find the bestsized radiator for your home at https://www.traderadiators.com/acatalog/convectorradiators.html.

    Dont forget that all radiators on the Trade Radiators website come with a free delivery service across mainland UK and have a 15year guarantee.

    Remember to stay up to date with everything we are up to on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TradeRadiators or on our Twitter at https://twitter.com/TradeRadiators If you want to send this video to a friend, heres a handy link you can use:

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