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Achievement Hunter Panel RTX (THE 2ND DAY) 2014 07/06 (Now with questions!)

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Favorited Videos

    The panel gets a little Bigger...

    and Ryan sticks his head inside edgar...
    This is the next day's Achievement Hunter Panel.

    I was Unable to record the first 15 seconds or so, but nothing really happened that was important.

    I thought there were some points where the video cut-out, so let me know if you find them while watching.

    I may have to re-upload/re-edit the footage.
    Hope you all enjoy!

    I do not own the rights to this footage.

    I'm just posting this for anyone who has missed the 2nd AH panel.

    I do not hope to gain anything from this.

    I just know it sucks when you miss a livestream and they don't post the recording forever.

    If you want to like and subscribe or comment or whatever go right ahead.