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Alastair Campbell on spin, Cherie Blair, Iraq, The Thick of It and Scottish Independence

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    00:22 - Did Alastair create 'spin' in politics?
    02:35 - Christianity in political culture in the UK and USA.
    04:00 - Has Blair changed his reasons for invading Iraq?
    06:30 - What's more dangerous for democracy: an overly powerful government or an overly powerful press?
    08:00 - Syria, and the lessons learned from Iraq.
    10:20 - Michael Howard's criticism of Alastair's "bullying".
    11:25 - 'The Thick of It' and its satirical representation of politics.
    12:45 - Alastair regrets never standing to become an MP.
    13:45 - Why Alastair finds Labour campaigns depressing.
    15:15 - Does Ed Miliband like Alastair?
    15:20 - Cherie Blair's impact on Tony's decisions.
    17:15 - Why Scotland should vote 'No' to independence.
    18:05 - Ming Campbell asks Alastair if he still plays the bagpipes.

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    Alastair Campbell denies that he 'lied his way through government', and attacks the man who accused him of that: Michael Howard.

    He addresses the claim that Tony Blair has changed his reasons for going into Iraq since leaving office, after Blair underwent an attempted citizens arrest in January 2014.

    Campbell also talks about the influence that Cherie Blair had on her husband, both personally and in relation to his decision-making.

    He discusses the nature of 'spin' in politics, and admits to there being some similarities between the fictional character of Malcolm Tucker in 'The Thick of It' and his own time in politics.

    Finally, he claims it is 'depressing' that he keeps being asked to work on Labour election campaigns, noting that there must be people better than him at the job.

    He points to the fact that Twitter didn't even exist until after he had left politics, and suggests that political campaigns should be organised by much younger people.

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